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Chapter 24 "The Rescue"

“Hello, Kari” Hollie-if she could be called that anymore-sang in her velvety voice. “Oh, Kam! You’re here too!”

“H-Hollie..!?” Kam was shocked and scared. Kari didn’t blame him. Whatever had happened to Hollie scared her, too. Could this happen to Kari and Kam, too? Would The Cursed Woman turn them into these monstrosities? She really hoped not, but even so, what did The Cursed Woman expect to do to them? Kill them? Too many questions raced through Kari’s head, with too little answers.


“I think I found the building where they’re keeping Kari, and possibly Kam.” Marisa laid out a map. “It’s old, and from what I know of it, it has no entrances. But, I know someone who could probably get around that. That’s why I called up my friend Rema Williams. Back at my, uh, ‘school’, she was the best at getting around traps. Come in, Rema.” A dark-skinned girl with black-and-purple hair walked into the room.

“Hello, everyone.” She said dully.

“Uh, hi.” Jenna said quietly.

“So, we have a lot of work to do. We think we’ve located where they’re being held,” Rema continued on, paying no attention to Jenna’s greetings. “But the problem is that there’s no entrance. No doors, no windows, no chimneys to crawl down. We’re probably gonna have to find more creative methods of getting in. Also, since Adrian is still getting over his wounds, him and Jamie are going to have to stay here.”

“Uh, a-alright.” Jenna tried to get in a word before Rema continued on. “Why don’t we call the police? I mean, I know we’ve been avoiding it but now would be a nice time to get them involved…”

“And say what?” Marisa blurted. “That our friend was kidnapped by her magical, immortal doppelganger and vampire twin sister?”

“I-I guess that wouldn’t be the best idea, then…” Jenna said, shyly. Obviously, the stress was getting to everyone.

“So, when do we plan to leave?” Travis spoke up for the first time.

“Right away.” Rema said. “Go get dressed and grab whatever you might need, meet down here in an hour.”


“Travis?” Marisa walked into his room, and they both seem dressed and ready to go, and Travis was staring into space.

“Huh?” Travis broke out of his trance. “Oh, hey Marisa. What’s up?”

“Do you…” Marisa hesitated a second, deciding whether to ask the question or now. “Do you think we’ll win? That we’ll save Kari, beat the bad guy, and save the day? I mean, in the movies and books the good guys always win… But this isn’t the movies or books…” Tears started to pour out of Marisa’s eyes.

“Marisa, don’t worry.” Travis pulled her in to a hug. “Of course we’ll win. We… We have to, right?” He was worried, but he didn’t want Marisa to know. He had to be strong, for everyone. “Hey, let’s go downstairs, we’ve got to save Kari.”

“O-Okay…” Marisa sniffles. “Let’s go.”

“Alright.” Travis smiled at her, and they walked downstairs to where Jenna and Rema were waiting.

“So, are we all ready to go?” Rema said in her plain, dull voice.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Travis nervously said, looking at the ground.

“Alright then, let’s go.” Rema led us to her car, and we piled in and headed to the place where Kari was being held, to a place where a fateful encounter would occur that will change our lives forever.


“No! Let me in! Let me in!” The blonde wailed and hit the wall in frustration.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Marisa ran up to the blonde and stopped her from hitting the wall and hurting herself.

“Th-They took her!” The blonde cried.

“Took who? What happened?” Marisa calmly asked.

“The red-headed girl!” She screamed. “They just walked right through the walls! I can’t get in! I can’t…”

“Hey, hey, it’s okay…” Marisa patted her hair, trying to calm her down, but Marisa was feeling just as frantic. “What’s your name?”

“C-Crysta…” She replied.

“Alright, Crysta, we’re friends of the girl that was taken. Her name’s Kari, and her brother and sister are also in there, now are you ready to go whoop some ass?” She smiled, and Crysta laughed.

“Yeah, but how are we going to get in?” She wiped away her tears and tried to calm down.

“Leave that…” Marisa got up, faced the wall, and pulled something out of her bag, it looked like a stick, a long, wooden stick… a wand. “…to me.”

“W-What is that?” Jenna asked, although she already knew the answer. “What are you doing?!”

“You’ll see.”  Marisa said, and then there was a flash of light and part of the wall was gone. “Now, are we ready to go in?”

“Uh, ye-yeah.” Jenna had a shocked expression on her face.


There was an explosion, but The Cursed Woman stayed calm.

“Ah, so it seems your friends are here for you, Kari.” She giggled. “Let’s scare them a bit…”

A loud crackle sounded throughout the tomb, and screaming came after.


“Wh-What just happened!?” Marisa screamed, as she saw Rema crumple to the floor.

“Ah!” Crysta screamed and started crying again. “I-I think she was just hit by lightning!”

“Lightning!? But it’s SUNNY!” Jenna was confused, but Rema was on the floor, looking electrocuted.

“I guess The Cursed Woman is more powerful than we thought.” Marisa checked Rema’s pulse. “Yeah, she’s dead.” Marisa said, and started to walk towards the tomb. “Let’s go in.”

“What!?” Jenna yelled. “Your friend just got electrocuted to death and you don’t even care!”

“Of coursed I care!” Marisa retaliated. “But there’s no use wasting time when we need to be saving Kari! Now, let’s go!” She walked into the tomb, and her friends followed without saying a word.


It took a minute for the group to get to the room where Kari was being held. When they got there, they were stopped by a door.

“Well, we can get in, right?” Travis asked. “We just have to break down this door…”


“Hmm, it seems your friends are trying to get in…” The Cursed Woman said. “Well then, time to break out the ‘big guns’, as you modern people say.” She got a vial of a red liquid-blood-out of a bag in the corner of the room. “This,” she held it up. “is Vampire Blood. If someone drinks it, they slowly start to die, and when they reawaken, they turn into a vampire. A Vampire without any morals, common sense, they kill when need be. The only few exceptions to this rule is if someone is turned before they turn 18. They turn into a half-vampire. They don’t have all the features of a vampire, but still require blood to survive. But, they do not lack the morals full vampires have. W                hen they turn 18, they turn into a full-vampire, all their features come into play and they have all the powers—but they still have morals, they aren’t the monster most vampires are. Neat little exception, hmm?” She walked over to Kam, and fed him the blood. Kari watched as her brother got weaker.

“K-Kam? Kam!” Kari started to scream. “Kam! No! Kam!” Her vision, the story, her dreams, everything predicted this, and she still couldn’t save Kam.


A white flash. Her friends breaking down the door, her outfit change. It was all the same. This was fated to happen from the very beginning.

Kari felt her body moving, magic rushing out of her. She didn’t know how it was happening, but she knew it was. Hollie was enveloped in a white flash, and a pile of ashes lay in her spot. Kari didn’t feel sorry, she was a monster. She died when the vampire blood entered her system. Kari pushed the Cursed Woman into a cell, the cell that blocks out all magic.

“Why are you sparing me?” She asked.

“Because, I don’t want to give you the pleasure that is death. I want you to stay here and rot for all the trouble you’ve caused me. I want you to feel remorse, and the bitter feeling of losing this battle. For the rest of eternity.” Kari said, as she closed the gate. Soon, her energy died down and she was back to herself again. She lied down to where Kam was lying, right as he started to wake up.

“W-What’s going on?” He said, puzzled. Kari saw that his green eyes were glowing and he had fangs. “Hey, Kari, you’re okay…”

“Yeah, Kam, let’s get out of here…” She started to cry.

“Kari, wait.” Travis ran up to her and kissed her suddenly.

“I’m so sorry.” Travis looked at her with sorrowful eyes. “About everything, it’s my fault and I wish none of this eve--” Kari interrupted him with another kiss.

“You idiot…”

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Chapter 23 "Revelations"

 First off, I know the chapter is small. I packed it with story-changing information, and I really didn't want to put in any more at the moment. Also, starting a new 100 Baby Challenge, go check it out!


"Guys, there's something I think you should know." Marisa walked into the home and saw her friends sitting in the game room. They looked at her with worried faces, and she went on to tell them her secret. "Yeah, my college... wasn't a normal college."

"What do you mean by that..?" Travis worriedly asked her.

"Well, it kinda taught people about the supernatural creatures in the world..." Marisa said. There was so much awkwardness and tension in the room, that everyone just laughed and thought it was a joke, except Jamie. "What, you all don't believe me?"

"Well, it's kind of ridiculous." Adrian said in between laughs.

"Not really." Jamie said. "Your friend was just kidnapped by an immortal cursed woman and you think THIS is ridiculous?"

"Yeah, I guess you're kind of right." Jenna tried to quit laughing. "But it's all happened so fast. I guess we just haven't really grasped it yet."

"So, how does this relate to what's happening now?" Travis asked Marisa.

"Well, I got curious about Hollie, so I went to the hospital to look at her autopsy report." Marisa continued.

"Hello~" The Cursed Woman entered the tomb and sung to Kari and Kam. "How're we doing, my lovelies~?"


"Yeah, what did it say?" Travis asked, a little scared.

"There was no autopsy report." Marisa nervously told them.


"I brought you a guest~!" She sang to Kari and Kam. A woman with pale skin, glowing red eyes, and fangs entered the room.


"There was no autopsy report" Marisa re-iterated "Because there was no body"


"H-Hollie!?" Kari gasped.


"What they did have, however, was signs of a self-induced stabbing. That was before the Ambulance wrecked and the doctors were drained of blood" Marisa said. "By a Vampire."

"You mean..?" Travis breathed, scared.

"Yes." Marisa said.


"You're a... Monster!!" Kari screamed.


"Hollie's a Vampire."

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Chapter 22 "Flashback"

Authors note: Sorry for the lack of pictures, my game is deciding to be a jerk to me. I will continue to add pictures through-out this next week, but I thought I would release it now. Enjoy!

"What do you mean you're leaving?" Travis looked at Marisa, it was the day of her graduation, and Marisa had just told him that she was leaving to go to an amazing college in Sunset Valley, and that she can't keep a long-distance relationship.

"I'm so sorry, Travis." she said, tears was rolling down her eyes. She had graduated a year before him, as she skipped a grade in Middle School. "I'll miss you..."


It was like lightning struck Travis's heart. At first, he was numb, now everything hurts. 'Not again', he thought, 'please, not again...'

He ran out of the mansion, and the host, Aperille Clarke, was pushed down as he ran into her, but he didn't stop. Marisa ran after him, but eventually slowed down.

"How did this happen?" Jenna stared at the text message that Kari sent Marisa. "What happened..."


Jenna knocked on the door to Kari and Hollie's house in tears, their little brother Kam answered.

"Uh, Kari? I think Jenna needs to see you." he yelled. Kari came to the front door.

"Jenna, what's wrong?" She said to her in a worried tone.

"Adrian... He broke up with me." Jenna ran into Kari's arms and sobbed harder than she was before.

"Don't worry, Jenna." Kari comforted her. "Adrian loves you, he probably just needs some time to think." Jenna looks at her and nods. "It's okay, just give him some time."


Adrian walked into the room where Jenna was standing, staring blankly at the phone, the same thing she has been doing for the last ten minutes. "Jenna... It's okay. We don't know if something bad has happened yet. She could still be okay."

Jenna looked at him and started crying. Adrian walked up to her and hugged her. "Shhh... It's okay..." He stroked her hair, trying his best to comfort her. "I love you..."


"We need to talk." Kari turned around once Adrian started to speak to her, she turned back around to finish opening her locker, and Adrian continued. "You're Jenna's best friend, so, can you tell me, well..."

"Yes, Adrian." Kari looks at him, automatically knowing what he was about to say. "Jenna cares for you deeply. And I know you care for her, too."

Adrian sighed "I mean, she has been acting strange, I didn't know what to think..."

"You know Jenna, she has trouble expressing her emotions. You just have to be there with her, you know how she feels." Kari looked at him with sympathy; he was really worried about her true feelings. "She needs you, Adrian."


Marisa went to an empty room in the house and locked the door. Marisa looked around the room-the room she used to live in-and started to cry. 'This was my fault', she thought to herself, 'I caused this... I'm the reason she's missing'


"Hello?" Kari answered the door when someone knocked to see Marisa in tears. "Marisa, what's wrong?"

"I just told Travis that I was leaving." Marisa tried to wipe away the tears, but more kept pouring down.

"Marisa, I'm so sorry..." Kari tried her best to comfort her. "When are you leaving?"

"I have to get on a plane in an hour." Kari noticed that Marisa was holding a suitcase. "I should probably leave now, but I had to see someone..."

"It's okay, Marisa." Kari said. "Don't worry. You'll meet new people, have a new life. You'll forget all about us..." sadness wrung out in Kari's stomach as she realized what she was saying was true. She'll miss Marisa, but she will have a new life and new friends.

"I gotta go." Marisa picked up her suitcase from off the ground. "Goodbye, Kari. I'll miss you." She left the front door and got into the cab, and Kari watched as it drove away.


"Hey, let's go home..." Jamie grabbed Marisa by the hand and pulled her to the car. Inside, Jenna and Adrian were waiting.

"Where is Travis?" She asked them. "Has he not come back yet?"

Jenna passed the phone to her, where there was a picture waiting. It was of a smashed cell phone.

"That's..." Marisa looked around, shocked. "That's Kari's phone."


Kari woke up to the sound of a teenage boy's voice. She looked around, and notice she was tied to a chair.

"Kari... Is that you?" Kari saw the boy who was talking to her.

"Kam?" She was shocked to see her little brother tied to a chair.

"Kari, are you okay?" He was worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine... Where are we?" She looked around before she realized where she was.

A tomb.

Like the one from the legend.

"Hello, Kari." A woman said to her. "Nice to finally meet you."

Kari turned around to see a familiar face.

Her own face.

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Chapter 21 "Masquerade"



Two months later


"Do you like this one? I like this one." Jenna looked at Kari, and Kari smiled.

"I do, but I don't know if it matches the theme." Kari responded, and looked at the dress on Marisa. "Oh, but it looks amazing on Marisa!" Kari looked around the bridal shop, it's been two months, but everyone is still a little paranoid. Marisa looked back at Kari, with a little bit of worry in her eyes. Kari suspected it was from what Hollie and Mia said in Bridgeport, or the fact that all of this was over and Kam was still missing.

"So, is the the dress we're choosing?" Marisa looked in the mirror. She felt genuinely stunning.

"Yeah, I guess it is." Kari looked at Marisa, who had her hair in a side ponytail so she could see the dress better. "So, how's Liza?" Kari asked Jenna. Liza had been staying with her grandmother for the last couple weeks because Jenna thought it was still too dangerous to stay with them.

"Good. I visit her every day, of course, but I still miss her alot." Jenna said, looking in a mirror. "Have the police contacted you about Kam's disappearance lately?"

"Yeah." Kari looked around, making sure no one was listening to them. "They have no leads, no clues... It's like he just... Vanished."

Jenna looked at Kari. "Do you think it's... her?" Jenna asked, obviously talking about the Cursed Woman.

"Maybe." Kari sighed "but we don't have all the answers. Heck, we don't have any answers."

Jenna could see tears start to form in Kari's eyes, so she quickly changed the subject. "So, do we want to go pick out the wedding cake?"

"Yeah!" Kari said, excitedly. Kari loved cake; it was one of her favorite things about weddings.

They walked to the cake shop, where they had an appointment to test cakes and frosting and other necessities.

They got there, and Kari told her her favorite flavors; Strawberry cake with Banana icing, and chocolate filling. They spent a few hours testing a bunch of different flavors, and they eventually decided on a box-shaped cake with many different layers stacked on top of each other, and a couple fancy versions of strawberry, banana, and chocolate. After they decided on the cake, they walked home with their bridesmaid dresses.


When the three girls got home, they found Travis, Jamie, and Adrian sitting in the bar talking about the tuxes and other details.

"Hey, Kari!" Travis smiled at her, and walked up and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hey Travis." She smiled back. "We're just going to put these up in my room." Kari and the two others walked up to their room and put the dresses in the closet. "So, a new book was released that I wanted to rea-" Kari was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing. Kari, Marisa, and Jenna walked down to the  front door, where the saw a note sitting on the doormat outside.

It was an invitation to a masquerade that night.


Hosted by Aperille Clarke.

October 24th

1 Hill Road, Starlight Shores, Cali.

"Oh my god..." Jenna looked at the address.

"That's our old house..." Kari said.

The note was signed.

See you there.


"Are we ready for this?" Kari said in her Biker outfit. She looked around at her friends; Jenna in a Cowgirl outfit, Marisa in a yellow and black dress, Adrian dressed as a Genie, Jamie as a hipster, and Travis as a skeleton. They were all wearing masks.

"This seems like a really bad idea." Marisa said, obviously scared out of her mind. "Maybe we should leave..."

"No" Jenna said. "We have to do this, if we don't... They do have Kam, after all." Jenna was right; there was no proof they had Kam, but who else would it be?

"Alright, let's go in." Travis held Kari's hand, and they walked in to the party.

They were immediately greeted by a girl named Aperille Clarke, the party's host. She was dressed as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, using digital editing devices to portray blue skin.

"Hey, I don't think I invited you..." She looked them over. "Do you have an invitation?" Kari gave them their invitation. "Well, this is my handwriting, all right. Hey, you mind taking off your mask?" She was looking straight at Kari, so she did. "Ah, sorry, Miss Bloom. I couldn't recognise you! Have a good time!"

Kari looked at her friends, "Miss Bloom?" She asked them. They all shrugged, but everyone had a freaked-out look under their masks. "Well, if we're going to be here, might as well have a good time. And it probably would be best to, well, split up. Horror movie, I know, but let's just do it." Kari and her friends split up. They looked around the house, knowing the interior all too well. Surprisingly, there weren't many guests as one would have expected.

Kari walked around the house, looking at objects. She made her way out to the pool, where a lot of guests were. She looked through them to see if she could notice anyone familiar, but she didn't see anyone.

Meanwhile, Marisa pulled Travis into the inside garden. "We need to talk, Travis."

Travis sighed. "There's nothing to talk about, Marisa."

"What do you mean there is nothing to talk about!" Marisa started to yell, then quieted down. "What about Bridgeport? I know we agreed about not telling Jamie and Kari, but honestly, I don't know if I can take looking at her knowing she doesn't know."

"There is no reason to tell her, Marisa." Travis calmly replied.

"I'm her bridesmaid!" Marisa actually yelled this time. "How could I not tell her we kissed!?"

"You... Kissed?" Kari looked at Travis. "Why... Why didn't you tell me?" Tears started to roll down her eyes.

Travis walked up to her. "Kari..." He reached and grabbed her arm, and she jerked away. "Kari, I didn't want to tell you be--"

"YOU LIED TO ME!" Kari yelled. "You lied... To me! Your future wife! I could take the kiss... But you tried to cover it up!"

"Kari..." Travis started crying, too. "I'm sorry, Kari, don't cry..."

"No." Kari said. "The wedding's postponed until further notice. I need to walk." She started to walk out of the mansion, when Aperille stopped her.

"Miss Bloom, is everything okay?" She asked Kari, but Kari walked right past her. Kari walked through the city for about an hour, and as she walked, many memories ran through her mind...

After an hour, Kari's phone rang with a new text message.

I'm so sorry, Jenna is on her way to pick you up-Marisa

As soon as she saw that text, a car pulled up, she didn't look as she responded to the text and got into the car and saw her blonde-haired friend out of the corner of her eyes.

Here she is, see you when I get home.

And almost instantly:

What? Jenna hasn't left yet.

Kari looked over.

"Hey, you're not--"


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Chapter 0 "A Prequel"


"Two weeks in Sunlit Tides!" Jenna smiled. She looked around at her friends, Hollie and Mia, sitting next to her on the plane. "Our family is on a year-and-a-half cruise AROUND THE WORLD, and we get to spend two weeks in luxury on this island, then go back to live in luxury in a mansion, we will start our modeling jobs, and in just a few days, Adrian and I will be married, in a few months Travis and Kari will be off to College. Isn't this great!"

"Yeah, it will be amazing! We are just the luckiest people in the world, aren't we? Nothing could have worked out better..." Hollie said. She was wearing her usual green garments, her hair in a ponytail.

Mia didn't say anything, just smiled. Everything was perfect, nothing could have worked out better.


The plane landed a few hours later, and the group took a limo to the mansion they were staying at.

"Hi!" A brown-haired woman said when they got there. "I am Lily Amber, I will be your personal assistant throughout this trip." She smiled at them; she was quite pretty, in an adorable way.

"Hi, Lily!" They all said in unison, yup, straight out of High School.

They walked in to the house, picking out their rooms. Lily would stay in the guest house. Out back was a Wedding Arch, set up for Adrian and Jenna's wedding in a few days. Mia unpacked, and was ready to go sightseeing.

"Guys, are we ready to go sightseeing?" She asked them.

"Yeah, in a little while!" Adrian screamed from his and Jenna's room.

"Not right now, Mia, I really just want to rest. It was a long flight." Jenna also yelled from her room.

"That's okay, I can go with Kari and Travis!" She looked at them, they shook their head. "Or by myself... Bye!" She left the house, the one thing she wanted to see was the Volcano at night, which it was getting dark now.

When she got there, it was nearing midnight. She looked up, it was a full moon. She walked into the entrance and screamed.


Jenna woke up and walked around the house, she stopped in front of Mia's room, and noticed she was still gone. It was 10 o'clock in the morning, why would she not still be here?

Jenna picked her cell phone up and called her.

"Hi, this is Mia Justise's cell phone, leave a message!"

"Uh, hey, Mia.... I was kinda worried, where are you?" Jenna was getting more worried, until she looked out the window, and saw a limp, green Mia walking slow and broken. "Oh my god..."

"Lily!" Jenna ran over to the guest house where Lily was staying, after waking everyone up. She walked in and saw Lily standing over a cauldron.

"I know" Lily said. "But... I just can't find a cure!!"

"What's going on..?" Kari looked confused about seeing Mia and Lily.

"You all know about Zombies, right?" Lily said. "Yeah, they aren't a myth."

"And you're..." Kari was at a loss for words.

"A witch? Yup." Lily was looking in her book, looking for anything to cure Mia. "But we do not have a lot of time, it could have spread already..."

Jenna laughed "Oh, I get it! This is all a joke, right? ...Right?"

"No..." Lily said. "It's anything but.... Oh! Here! I... Oh no...."

"What!? What does it say!?" Jenna yelled at her.

"It says, well..." Lily was hesitant. "That you must sacrifice a witch into the volcano, as that is what caused the zombification in the first place... The volcano, not the witch"

Jenna walked over to the "laboratory" and pushed to book off. "You're crazy! You're all crazy!" 

Lily walked up to the window, and pushed a blind open, revealing even more zombies than before. "Does this look fake and crazy?"

Jenna walked up to the window with a vacant look in her eye. "I... I guess not..."

Kari stood up straight, and suddenly got more confidence. "What do we need to do?"


Lily gave the group guns, swords, crossbows, etc., after they got dressed. "Okay, there is a golf cart in the garage. We will have to run over to it. If you see a zombie, kill it. Don't worry, when I break the curse, they will be brought back to life. No one will remember a thing, you will all be brought back to your binding point."

"Uh, 'binding point'?" Hollie asked.

"Your home in Starlight Shores." Lily answered.

"Oh..." Hollie sighed. She was upset she couldn't continue the vacation.

"Okay, is everyone ready?" Lily asked. "Alright, let's go."

They ran out of the house, shooting, stabbing, and slashing zombies along the way. When they were almost to the garage, Adrian lost focus, and was bitten by a zombie.

"Adrian!" Jenna yelled. He crumpled to the ground and instantly became a zombie.

"Forget about him, Jenna!" Kari yelled. "Let's go!" 

Jenna nodded and ran into the garage with their friends.

"Adrian, oh..." Jenna started crying.

"Jenna, we have to carry on. That's the only way we can save him." Kari said to her.

"No, I... I have to be with him!" She ran out of the garage.

"Jenna, no!" Kari yelled. Jenna screamed.

"Let's keep going." Lily said. She started up the engine. "Get in." she said to Kari, Hollie, and Travis.

"Wait, Travis..." Kari walked over to him, and kissed him. "I love you..."

"I... I love you too." Travis smiled.


They got in the golf cart and sped off. It was fast; around 60 miles per hour.

On the way to the volcano, zombies were everywhere. On pulled Hollie off of the golf cart and bit her. Kari cried, but knew they had to keep going. Soon, they got to a trail they had to walk to get to the top of the volcano. During the walk, a zombie was on the trail. It walked towards Kari, moaning and groaning, silently. They never saw it, and Kari screamed when it grabbed her long hair. She got her sword from her side and cut off her hair and slashed off his head before it could bite her.

An hour later, they got to the top of the volcano. Lily looked at Kari and Travis, sadly. "Well, I guess this is goodbye..."

"Goodbye, Lily..." Kari started to cry. She knew Lily wouldn't come back to life after the spell was cast and the curse broken.

Lily started muttering words that Kari and Travis couldn't understand, and lava started splashing around. Lily then fainted, and since she was standing on the edge of the volcano, she fell in.

There was a flash.


Kari woke up in her house with short hair, and was confused on how she got it. She walked into Hollie's room, and saw she had just woken up too.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Chapter 20 "Shattered"

Kari was packing her suitcase for the trip to Bridgeport, which they were leaving for the next day. They had it all planned out: Kari and Adrian would be a group, Travis and Marisa would be a group, and Jenna would be alone, while Jamie stays at the house and take care of Liza. 

It was late at night, and Kari procrastinated with packing. Everyone else was already asleep, and Kari thought about a lot of things while she packed. What if she sees the killer? What if Kam is there? Will she be able to save him, and the rest of her friends if they came into danger?

Thinking about these things, she slipped a fairly large knife with a rubber cover into her jacket pocket.

As Kari got done with her packing, she changed into her sleep clothes and sat on the bed.

That night, she had the strangest dream she has ever had in her life.


Kari was tied up to a chair in a strange room. The dream was foggy, but Kari could make out some details. She saw her, and Kam, who was also tied up, and... Another Kari?

Four people burst into the room, breaking a wall, and there was some fighting between them and the duplicate Kari. The duplicate Kari was concentrating on something, and she mumbled a word.

Suddenly, there was a flash, and the real Kari felt lighter. After the four people were beaten, the woman got out a gun. There was some yelling between the two Karis, and then there was a gunshot.

"NO!!!" Kari yelled. She wasn't hurt, but someone else was. "Kam!!"

And then there was a big, white glow. The real Kari got up out of her chair, adorned in white clothing, and stretched out her hand, and the other Kari screamed and crumpled to the ground, unconscious. The four people ran over to Kari, who was cradling Kam in her arms.

The dream faded.


Kari woke up in fear. It was early in the morning, and everyone was already up and ready to go. Kari quickly got dressed and opened her door.

"Woah, Kari!" Travis was standing outside her door, just about to knock.

"Hi, Travis." Kari smiled a weak smile, obviously tired from the early morning, and shaken up by her dream last night.

"We're leaving now," Travis said, then noticed that she wasn't connected to the conversation. "Hey, you okay?"

"Oh, uh, yeah." Kari snapped out of her trance. "I'm fine..."


They drove, and flew, to Bridgeport in silence.

When they got to the airport, they saw that someone had hired two taxi's for them. One of the drivers handed Kari a note.

"Someone said to give this to you." The man handed the note over.

Plasma 501, 6 o'clock.


When they got to their hotel room, they went over the plan.

"Remember, stay in your groups, and act natural." Jenna said. "We don't want to alarm anyone."

"And if you see anyone suspicious..." Adrian said. "Just yell. We will all be able to hear you."

"Okay, well, let's go explore the town." Jenna said. "In our groups, of course. Meet at Plasma 501 at 5 p.m."


Kari and Adrian walked to the famous Bridgeport Bridge, while Marisa and Travis went to a small diner they  heard about and always wanted to go to while they were dating, and Jenna stayed in the hotel room, waiting for the afternoon so she could see the city lights before it got really dark.

When 5 P.M. came around, everyone arrived at Plasma 501.

"Ready?" Travis asked.

No one answered; they didn't need to. 

They walked in, and got dressed into their fancy clothes inside.

Marisa and Travis took the elevator to the top floor, and saw something.

"Karaoke!!" They both screamed, and ran up to the machine. Travis and Marisa loved doing Karaoke when they were in highschool. Travis let Marisa choose the song.

After some of the song played, "Everytime I hear your name" by Cascada, and after the intro played, Travis and Marisa started singing one of the verses that it skipped ahead to.

"Now I'm sure you found a girl to fill my empty space..." Marisa knew this song by heart.

"But I'm stuck with the love that we shared that time just cant erase..." Travis sang the lyrics on the screen

"I have tried to forget" Marisa sang, feelings rising in her

"Get you out of my head..." Travis sang the following lyrics

"But the memories won't fade..." Both sang together

"I can run" Marisa sang

"I can hide" Travis sang immediately after her

"From the feelings inside, but the pain wont go away!" They both sung at the top of their lungs.

"Cause everytime I hear your name, the world stops for a moment, yeah, baby with a single word, I can see your face again... And I'm taken back to what we had, everytime I hear your name..." Marisa turned to look at Travis now, and in a rush of emotions, they kissed.


Jenna was sitting at the bar, drinking her girly drinks, and watching out for anyone suspicious. After about half an hour, the bartender gave her a note.

"Hey, someone told me to give this to you at this exact moment in time..." The bartender looked kind of creeped out, but continued to work.

Meet me on the roof.


Marisa and Travis rushed off the stage after the kiss, and looked awkwardly at each other.

"Travis, I... I'm sorry, I don't know what happened..." Marisa tried to apologize.

"No, no, it's fine, really." Travis thought about Kari. "Let's just not mention this to Kari... Or Jamie."

"Agreed." Marisa laughed.

The piano started to play.

"I heard that you settled down, that you found a girl and your married now. I heard that your dreams came true. Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you..."
Travis turned around when he recognized the voice.


The woman disappeared.
Kari and Adrian were on the basement floor, underground, searching for suspicious people. Kari had a lot of time to think doing this, and really started to think hard about Adrian...

He found the body.

He found the bloodied couch.

He was always home.

He never, ever liked Hollie.

He didn't talk to Kari much since the events started happening.

"Oh my god..." Kari turned around to face Adrian. "It's you..."

"What? Kari..." Adrian looked surprised. Kari didn't care.

"It's you. It was ALL you." Kari was angry. She didn't even think about the possibility that she got her facts wrong.

"Kari, what are you---" Adrian was interrupted by the fact that Kari plunged a large knife into his stomach.


Jenna was standing up on the roof, looking at the city, waiting for the man who slipped her the note. She was scared to death; which was why she hadn't talked much since they got on the plane. 

"Glad you could make it..." A deadly serious voice said behind her.

"Why are you doing this..." Jenna said, still looking at the city.

"Ehe, the woman asked me to..." He said. "Say your goodbyes now."

"I will..." Jenna screamed, alarming her friends.


Kari was in the basement, in shock after just stabbing her friend Adrian without thinking about what she was doing. She heard Jenna scream, and looked at Adrian with fear on her face.

"Just... Go..." Adrian said, gasping with pain.

"Al... Alright..." Kari ran up all 70 flights of stairs while calling Adrian an ambulance.

Kari got to the roof, and burst through, seeing Jenna and a man, and Marisa and Travis burst through right after her.

"W-Wheres Adrian?" Jenna asked.

"Erm... In an ambulance..." Kari replied, nervously, with a ping of regret.

"What!?" Jenna started to cry.

"He will be fine, I promise!" Kari said, then noticed the man in front of her.

"She told me specifically not to kill you." He looked at Kari.

"Oh my... You're..." Kari was at a loss for words. "You killed Hollie! And Mia!"

"Yeah, I did." The man looked calm.

"You... Evil... PERSON!" Kari screamed.

"Oh, so hurt." He still was aloof.

He walked over to Jenna, getting ready to push her.

"Goodbye, Jenna."

Jenna knew what she had to do. She grabbed the man, and making the biggest sacrifice, jumped off the roof, bringing the man with her.

"No, Jenna!" Kari screamed. Marisa and Adrian seemed shocked, and the man and woman fell to their dooms.

Until two friendly faces appeared and saved Jenna, leaving the man falling.

"Mia..." Travis gasped.

"Hollie..." Kari said, in a shocked tone.


They were all in a state of shock that their two dead friends saved Jenna from death. Mia walked up to Travis, and started singing him a song.

"I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited, but I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it. I hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded that for me, it isn't over..."

Travis started to cry, and hugged Mia, holding her for half an hour.

"Just let them have their moment..." Hollie said to Kari. "We visited Adrian, healed his wound. I mean, it's not all the way gone, but he won't. you know, be dead."

Jenna perked up at this. Kari knew she would be really mad at Kari when she found out what happened.

After half an hour of talking, Hollie and Mia seemed to fade.

"I have to go." Hollie said.

"No, wait, Hollie!" Kari didn't want her sister to leave.

"Kari, listen. There's something I have to tell you." Hollie rushed. "You are never safe, you are the charm."

Kari was startled by this, and only her and Marisa seemed to realize what she meant by this.

At the hospital, the police questioned Kari.

"I just recently watched a scary movie, and Adrian thought it would be funny to scare me..." Kari explained. "I overreacted, freaked out, and stabbed him."

"And what about the other man? Jacob Newman?" The police asked.

"Didn't know him." Kari said.

"My Baby! My Baby!" A woman ran in screaming and crying. Kari looked at her, and almost cried. She didn't feel bad about what happened with Jacob, but she felt bad for the woman, obviously her mother.

"Alright, guess we're done." The policeman was done "Your friend Adrian decided not to press charges, so you'll just have a fine for carrying a knife."

"Alright." Kari said. It wasn't as bad as what could have happened.

They flew home that night, and Jenna went straight to the nursery, and held Liza for hours. Marisa and Jamie sat on the couch, watching TV and cuddling all night. Adrian was in bed rest, and Kari and Travis lied in bed, not saying a word to each other, but having everything that was needed to be said implied by their crying.